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Email mailshots = more sales

... you don't have to be Einstein to see the benefits!

Using email marketing really is a great way of increasing sales. And with our web sites, it's easy too.

Your new web site will capture the names and email addresses of people visiting your web site and automatically store it for you. Then, with minimum effort send them all an email every so often with details of all your latest stock... including pictures, descriptions and your contact details.

It's a very easy and great way to sell your latest stock! So... if you've been on a buying trip or have some stock you want to shift this is a perfect and very easy way to do it!

Or if you sell at trade fairs this is a great way to let people know about the next one you're going to be doing!

To see an example, have a look at the sites in our portfolio or give us a call for a demo.

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