A new website for Martin D Johnson Antiques & Interiors

A new website for Martin D Johnson Antiques & Interiors

Tuesday 28th January 2020 at 08:05

By Olivia

Martin D Johnson Antiques

New website for Martin D Johnson Antiques & Interiors

Martin D. Johnson Antiques Ltd is one of the South East's favourite destinations for many decorative antique dealers and being a client of ours for many years, we were really excited to assist in giving their website a new look!

They've had their website for some time now and so was getting on in internet years and it was high-time for a spruce up.

Retina Images

Most newer computer screens, laptop screens, as well as mobile & tablet screens are now "retina". This is also referred to as 4K, 5K etc.

This means they can now display much larger, high resolution images. This makes the images look more life-like and gives the image much more  clarity and enhances the beauty of the photo!


The new retina images give it that extra pizazz

The new website


The new website now has a much more modern look with striking, larger images and is now fully mobile and tablet responsive, which is essential in a time where more than 50% of all online shopping transactions are made on a tablet or a phone.

It makes much better use of the space on the screen and eliminates large, blank spaces on the website.


Martin D Johnson french bistro chairs

Mobile and tablet friendly

With the website not being mobile and tablet (responsive) friendly before, it wasn't the easiest to use on mobiles & tablets.

You would have to pinch to zoom in and out and scroll all around the website to navigate it, whereas now you can use it with ease and it's just a matter of scrolling up and down as everything fits perfectly onto a mobile or a tablet!

Which is great news for them and their visitors - you can lose visitors if your website is not responsive and even worse your website could be penalised by Google if it isn't responsive!

ipad mockup martin d johnson

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By Olivia
Tuesday 28th January 2020 at 08:05

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