We are a team of 4 hard working creative, technical, and people focused individuals. We're big enough to deliver, yet small enough to care and get to know each client individually.

Our aim is to make the web and computers as easy as possible to use for Antiques, Art & Vintage dealers. We've been successful in doing this for dozens of dealers since 2004 and are proud to be in our second decade.

We are based in Derby, but serve clients all over the UK and all over the world.

Antiques Web Design by ph9 was originally started by Rob Watson in 2004 as just ph9, offering websites for a very wide range of clients. As we now have so many antiques dealers, we have created the brand of “Antiques Web Design by ph9” to best serve our antiques clients in addition to ph9.

To find out more about our other brands, please visit www.ph9.com. For eCommerce website design please visit our www.uporium.com brand.

Meet the team

We're big enough to deliver, yet small enough to care


I'm a big animal lover and have 3 dogs and 2 cats; all rescues. I've just built a chicken coop in my garden so am hoping to get rescue battery hens soon; wish me luck!

Day to day my main role is as head designer & developer. I manage all of our projects and lead the team to make sure we deliver the best quality work possible. I’m fussy and quite hard to please, but the side effect is that I only let the best quality work leave the door.

In my spare time I love cars, DIY, DJ’ing, travelling, and most of all love doing it all with friends and living life to the full. Oh, and given the opportunity I'm more than happy to throw myself out of a plane!


Sharlotte is our Client Account Manager & Marketing Exec, here to help guide you through getting set up and running with your website. You'll get to know her well as she will be in charge of your 1 to 1 training and is there to help if any problems arise.

She gives up a large amount of time volunteering with young kids in the area, but when she does have free time she likes to listen to music and keep up with interior design.

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Jed joined us in Autumn 2019 as a web developer.

You'll usually find him behind the scenes working on new features and developing new functions for our website platform.

He has a passion for all things design and loves to make clean, minimalistic websites that enhance users' mobile experience. He also is a huge rabbit lover and owns a Netherland Dwarf called Stark.


Daniel works for the accounting company who looks after all of our bookkeeping and accounts. Although Daniel isn't based directly in our offices, he is an essential part of the team, managing accounts and payments on our behalf. You may be in contact with Daniel about any billing or payment queries that occur.

Jolt & Turbo

Known as “The Management”, as marked by the brass plaque on their dog bed, Jolt and Turbo are Rob’s dogs and come into the office about half the time. Rob made a dog bed especially for them out of used scaffold planks and some cot mattresses so they have plenty of room to lounge around!

If you’re coming to visit the office and aren’t a fan of dogs, don’t worry, just let us know and we’ll ensure they’re not in that day. But if you do like dogs, feel free to come by and say hello!

What we believe

ph9 was founded with the following set of beliefs and we strive to achieve them with everything we do.

  • Easy - Easy to work with and well as making products that are easy to use
  • Personal - We build a personal relationship with every client, keeping on a first name basis with all our clients and you will know the person on the end of the phone.
  • Quality - We focus on making high quality products, well engineered with a strong attention to detail.
  • Innovation - We strive to innovate and iterate to ensure we stay ahead of the curve and provide the tools necessary for success.
  • Accurate - We think things through, don't make assumptions, focus on the details and strive to get it right the first time.
  • Efficient - Making sure we are time efficient, consistent and organised.
  • Happy - Deliver excelling customer service to keep our customers happy as well as keeping our staff happy.
  • Transparency - We aim to be open and transparent in all the business we do.
  • Robust - We focus on building software and systems that are robust and reliable.