Dark Rose Interiors

dark rose interiors

Dark Rose Interiors

Dark, wildly romantic, sensory and sensual. Dark Rose Interiors aesthetic is a deeply indulgent exploration of how you want your home to really, truly feel when you cross the divide from the world outside. It is the soft glow of candlelight, reflected through antique mirrors and gilt frames, with the dark shadows of leafy parlour palms playing with the light. It is the heady scent that first greets you and which allows you to unwind and slowly explore the visual elements of your home, which are at once captivating and transportive.

Whether this be through unique, antique treasures from the past or lovingly curated decorative items, soft furnishings, and artisan collections rich in texture, style and form, it is an invitation to allow you to really ‘dream’ your space. The only rule at Dark Rose Interiors is that you must let your imagination run wild.

Their website:- https://www.darkroseinteriors.co.uk/

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