Ever heard of theming your Instagram feed?

Ever heard of theming your Instagram feed?

Tuesday 19th November 2019 at 08:52

By Olivia

Have you ever seen someone mention a themed Instagram feed, and looked the other way? Do you think that theming your Instagram feed is only for bloggers? Think again! There are a lot of benefits to keeping a consistent theme to your Instagram feed.

Themed instagram feed

I go over 5 reasons why it'll benefit you to create a theme for your Instagram feed.

1. You can carry through your branding from your website to your Instagram feed. Further cementing your brand's visual identity

2. It makes your Instagram & business more memorable

3. Will keep people coming back for more

4. Increases followers

5. Build authority with consistency across all of your channels

What is a themed Instagram Feed?

It's an Instagram feed that maintains some sort of consistent theme to it, to make it visually appealing and eye-catching.

For example, using a slightly blue tint on your photos to make them look cooler, or using the same background on all of your photos, using the same filter each time you post or even having the same colour somewhere within each post.

The theme could even reflect your branding, taking on the same colours or hues as your logo or other aspects of your branding. See some examples of great themed Instagrams below

theming your Instagram

Pictured above:

Georgia Lacey
17-21 Antiques
Alex MacArthur Interiors


1) You can carry through your branding from your website to your Instagram feed.

There can be nothing more frustrating than when you find a profile on Instagram which has absolutely gorgeous photos, then when you visit the website it looks completely different... And Vice Versa!

You've got the fabulous photography on your website, now it's time to start using it on your Instagram too. You'll see us bang on about trust a lot, but in the process of building rapport and selling to someone, the trust element of it is vital! This is where consistent branding comes in, as it has a positive psychological effect on customers.

If you use consistent branding, it will create a lovely seamless experience for your customers. Your branding will eventually become recognisable to them and they will remember you for your branding and how you present the business. Having the same logos, typefaces and colours running throughout your website and social media platforms, increases that trust factor ten fold as it represents a mindful, professional and premium business. It also looks really pretty!

theming instagram feed consistent branding

2) Makes your Instagram & business more memorable

Theming your Instagram will make your business more memorable. Humans are very visual creatures, and the human eye is drawn to organised, coordinated and well thought out designs, including your Instagram feed!

I read an article from the Preview App that did a case study on a business: they looked at the follower count and engagement rate before theming the feed and again after, and saw an incredible increase in engagement and followers. You can view this article here >> The Preview App

3) It will keep people coming back for more

Apart from new followers, the one thing you want on Instagram is for people to come back and engage! And with a gorgeously themed feed, you will get just that. As I mentioned above, humans are very visual creatures and any feasts for the eye will keep us coming back for more, commenting and liking the pictures too. Instagram engagement can only be a good thing so it's important to give your visitors something to start conversations about and a well crafted theme will give them those all important conversation points.

There is also a feature on Instagram where you can view what the people you follow, have liked and commented on so the more people engaging with your posts the better.

4) Increase followers

That brings me smoothly onto my next point. The more people engage with your content, then more people see it, the more people see it, you'll get more followers. If you've got a fantastic cohesive feed then people will keep coming back and will continue to engage with your posts, so it sparks this chain reaction of exposure, gaining you some fans in the process!

You will find if you look at someones Instagram and it is themed, they will likely have more followers than someone without a themed Instagram. It almost like a well designed hotel- if you visit a hotel and it's absolutely beautiful, designed exquisitely with lot's of eye catching details and gives you an air of luxury then you're definitely going to be drawn to it and go back again aren't you?

theming your instagram

5) Build authority with consistency across all of your channels

A consistent theme and/or branding across all of your social channels will build authority in your field! Recognisable branding reflects a trustworthy, professional and premium company which are obviously three of the most important characteristics of any successful business.

When you have strong branding, along with a matching Instagram theme, that indicates that you have taken a lot of time, consideration and care over how your company is perceived. Which will translate into the amount of care and the level of great service you will give to your customers. Again it's all about trust and if you are viewed as authoritive in your industry people are more likely to flock to you as their go-to company!


Different types of themes

So... You now know why you should have a theme, but where do you start? Let's have a look at some of the different types of themes you can use for some inspiration!

Using the same Instagram filter

This one is the easiest one I think. When you're posting your picture to Instagram you have the option to add a filter over the picture which gives it a different tone or hue. There's warm ones, cool ones, pink ones, blue ones, sepia ones, black & white you name it! So you can simply use the same filter every time to achieve the same sort of hues for every picture this can be handy when your pictures contain different colours and don't quite create a consistent look.

same filter instagram theme

Black and White theme

In every phone there is an option to turn your photos black and white, alternatively Instagram also has a filter that can turn your photos black and white. So again this one is super easy to implement but really effective and beautiful.

black and white instagram theme

White borders

This one can be a little more time consuming but if your photos follow no theme and you can't create a theme otherwise then white borders are a fun feature to add to your theme.

white border instagram theme

Dark theme

Our very own Alex MacArthur's Instagram is a great example of a beautiful dark theme. The dark Grey and blue colours are woven throughout the pictures tying it together beautifully.

dark instagram theme

Colour coordinate

Rose Uniacke's Instagram has an evolving colour coordinated theme (meaning it changes colour) but the most recent posts of hers all have a lovely rich orange or brown running throughout them.

colour coordinated instagram theme

Light theme

The Antique Kitchen's Instagram has a lovely light coloured theme running through which really gives you a feel of the Kitchenalia, Treen and Country furniture she specialises in.

light instagram theme

Cool theme

Georgia Lacey's Instagram has a gorgeous, light & airy cool toned theme in which they use the same back ground in all of their posts. Which really gives you a clear picture of the minimalistic, Swedish and Gustavian style they're going for.

Cool instagram theme

Warm theme

Russ at 17-21 has created a lovely, warm and inviting theme by using warm toned browns, greys and whites and again uses the same background for all of his posts.

warm instagram theme

Theming your Instagram

I hope this article has given you lot's of food for thought and got your creative cogs whirring! We have numerous blog posts about Instagram and how to utilise it on our blog - take a look!

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Our websites also integrate with Instagram giving you a seamless link from your website to your Instagram profile. You can also have your Instagram feed as a page on your website which is a great addition to having your stock on your website. Contact us today to find out how we can help you, sell online easily.

What sort of theme will you create for your Instagram feed?

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By Olivia
Tuesday 19th November 2019 at 08:52

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