The Thrifty Gent

The Thrifty Gent

The Thrifty Gent

The Thrifty Gent is a business that specializes in finding unique and desirable items in the heights and depths of the UK and Europe to help customers create their dream spaces. Although they do not claim to be interior designers, they have the ability to bring their imaginations alive and are dedicated to doing the same for their customers, offering a highly unique alternative.

The Thrifty Gent has won multiple awards at the highly regarded Henley Decor fair, and over the last 6 years, they have forged long-standing relationships with their clients. They have experience in sourcing for clients in the film industry, as well as helping private clients build unique spaces both inside and outside the home. The business's relaxed approach and ability to listen to their clients have helped them grow their relationships organically.

The Thrifty Gent believes that their customers can trust their vision and ability to understand their needs in creating a unique space with statement antique items. They are happy to discuss the purchasing of a single item through to full house or garden projects, and welcome any inquiries about future projects.

The business also offers a membership for lovers and dedicated buyers of fine antiques called Gold Members. As a Gold Member, customers can enjoy great savings, first look at stock, sourcing services, and more.

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