Web design for War Collectables, Memorabilia & Militaria dealers

Web design for War Collectables, Memorabilia & Militaria dealers

Tuesday 29th January 2019 at 16:08

By Rob

Do you sell War Collectables, Memorabilia or Militaria items?

We provide websites for militaria and collectables dealers just like you.

War Militaria Website Design

Our websites provide:-

  • Secure certificates (https / SSL)
    Many web browsers these days will show an error message for websites like yours which don't have SSL / https. Also, Google can mark these sites as insecure, or rank them lower in search results

    Our websites come with secure certificates as standard!
  • Mobile & tablet responsiveness
    More than 55% of online sales are now made on a mobile or tablet. So if you have a non "responsive" website then you'll likely be losing out on sales!

Websites for War Memrobelia Dealers

  • More search engine friendly
    Built to the latest Google standards, and regularly updated to comply
  • A range of designs to choose from
    Our off the shelf platform has lots of designs you can choose from, and we regularly introduce new design themes so you can keep your website looking fresh! We can also customise each design for you to the colour scheme of your choice.
  • Guaranteed same working day help
    We have guaranteed same working day response on tech support requests (if requested before 4pm) and a 24/7/365 emergency service

  • Regular updates & improvements
    We re-invest into our platform and we are regularly adding new features, improvements, fixes and upgrades to the platform so your website, and the technology behind it stays up to date and doesn't get stale!

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To find out how we can help your war memrobelia & collectables business grow online, please contact us today or learn more at www.militariawebdesign.com

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As well as a hand held service, all our customers receive a copy of our marketing tips book which gives you lots of tips and advice on this on how to succeed online.

Antiques Web Design

By Rob
Tuesday 29th January 2019 at 16:08

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