Welcoming Matteo to the team

Welcoming Matteo to the team

Monday 14th November 2022 at 15:56

By Rob


A warm welcome to Matteo...

Matteo has joined ph9 as a junior web developer.

Originally from Turin in Italy he's been living in the UK since 2015 and studied at the University of York. He moved to Derby to join ph9.

His favourite Italian food is pasta alla carbonara and Tiramisù. He makes regular promises to make everyone in the office Tiramisù; let's hope he keeps that promise!

Most British people will probably read his name as "Matt" (as in Matthew) with a "eo" at the end, but it's not pronounced "matt-eo". Instead it's easier broken down into "ma... tay... o". Whilst he's said he doesn't mind if clients pronounce his name we're trying to get in the habit of saying it correctly.

Matteo also does a very good impression of Mario from the Nintendo computer games. Which may come in handy as I've just opened a charity project; Derby Computer Museum which provides work experience for young adults with special educational needs (as well as somewhere fun to visit!)

Matteo is 6ft 4" tall, which is quite handy as I'm only 5ft 6"  !

Welcome Matteo... :)

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By Rob
Monday 14th November 2022 at 15:56

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