4 types of email mailshots to get your subscribers back to your website

4 types of email mailshots to get your subscribers back to your website

Tuesday 6th July 2021 at 08:52

By Olivia

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Do you have a list of email subscribers and stuck with what to send them?

Well look no further, here I have compiled 4 types of email mailshot campaigns that you can send out to get your subscribers to get them engaging with you and going back to your website!

1) Latest items

This type of email mailshot is a winner in our book. It's the easiest way to catch people's attention through a mailshot and starts conversations. You would compile an email campaign with the latest items added to your website and send it out to your subscribers to update them on what's new. This is a great way to say 'Hey I'm still here, why don't you come and have a look at all that is new and fabulous on my website - and buy it too!'

This is also great for regular visitors to your website, as they would be up to date on the stock you already have on your website and may not visit again for a while, so it's a great way to stay at the forefront of your subscribers' minds.

See below for an example of the latest items mailshot - Courtesy of Norfolk Decorative Antiques

2) Featured Items

Marris Antique Glass

If you have separate lists for your subscribers, this is a fantastic way to get their interest and get them back on your website. This type of email works really well because you can tailor it to the interests of certain subscribers by only featuring the items that they're interested in. For example, if you have a list of subscribers who have expressed an interest in Swedish Antiques then you can create a campaign all around them which will improve your click rate and get more people back to your website because you're showing them something that they're interested in.

On the other hand, this type of email campaign can also get people interested in certain categories of items which is also a winner as their taste will expand meaning more opportunities to sell. You can also just feature your favourite items that have been added to the website, or feature items relevant to an upcoming holiday such as Easter, Christmas, or Valentine's Day.

See below for an example of a featured item mailshot - Courtesy of Marris Antiques

3) Sale Items

georgia lacey email screenshot

This one's pretty self-explanatory, who doesn't love a bargain?! If you run an offer or a sale on your website, there's no better way to create a buzz around it than sending it out in a mailshot. These types of mailshots are likely to get you quite a few more clicks, just down to the fact that we all love to save money. So even if someone doesn't find something they love in your sale items, they're still going onto your website and are able to explore the rest of it and find something they love on there... So it's a win!

See below for an example of a sale items mailshot - Courtesy of Georgia Lacey

4) Item Case Study

appley hoare mailshotDo you have one particularly fantastic item that you'd love to tell all your clients about? Well, this mailshot is the perfect way to do it. This can also be helpful if you've had something particularly difficult to sell by spreading the word and hopefully finding the right buyer. It also gives the reader the message that you know your stuff! Which gives credibility and adds the trust factor to your business.

It's straight to the point and is a nice difference from a 'Latest Items' email.

See below for an example of an item case study mailshot - Courtesy of Appley Hoare Antiques

How we can help you with your email marketing

Our websites have a simple yet fantastic email marketing suite built into them, so sending out simple mailshots like your Latest Items, Featured or Sale items is a breeze and takes around 2 minutes to do. They feature your company name or logo at the top, some introductory text, all of your chosen items, and then your contact details at the bottom. It even links back to your item pages on your website for you, it's that simple! To have a chat with us about how we can make your email marketing simpler and more fabulous, get in touch today and I'll be happy to go through all of your options with you.


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By Olivia
Tuesday 6th July 2021 at 08:52

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